Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Spring Bag of Roses

I am very fortunate to know a wonderful designer and instructor that teaches at Prairie Queens. Her name is Keiko Clark and not only is she talented, she is a wonderful teacher and a very sweet woman. Anyways, she taught a class called Bag of Roses which all of us gals at the store just love. Debbie and I decided to take the class and here is my final bag. It was very, very labor intensive and took me hours and hours to do the roses, but it was well worth it.

My BunnyHill Blocks

Well, as many of you quilters know, Bunny Hill Designs is one of my favorite websites and blogs. Anne has posted some free monthly blocks on her blog that are perfect for me to use up my charm packs. Every month she posts a new one and I've finally caught up through April. Here they are:
Aren't they cute? Anne will have the whole year and when I'm done, I'll make this into a darling quilt. The blocks are 8" x 8". If you would like to get these, here is the website:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goldrush Day at Simonds

Every year the 4th grade students get to participate in Goldrush Day. They spend the whole day living in the year 1849 and that includes various activities such as singing songs, eating the various foods and candies and dressing in period costumes. Of course, I had to make Rachael a costume and while she didn't want the traditional bonnet, I thought the dress and apron came out pretty good!