Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pop Art

Well our summer is moving along. We've seen movies, gone to Petroglyph's, had lunch out and taken swimming lessons. We leave in a few weeks to the wilds of Washington and Canada on our yearly road trip. There's so much to see and never enough time. Anyways, I managed to finish another store sample in the midst of all our activities. This is called Pop Art with the line Back Porch from Marcus Brothers.

And here is Kayla after being chastised for trying to lay down on the quilt. She did blend in quite well though.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Man Quilt

Here is another quilt finished for the store. It is made from Dawiabo Japanese fabrics and it is various squares with smaller squares appliqued on. The pattern said to just sew 1/4" inside each of the squares, but I decided I didn't like that. These fabrics fray too easily. Debbie did a great job quilting this although it is hard to see on the picture. There are ducks flying with clouds and then ducks in a pond with reeds down at the bottom.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bloomin Summer!

I finished two more quilts last week and got one of them quilted on Friday. It is called Bloom BQ and it is a kit at the store. It's funny how my photos never show how pretty the quilts are. I guess I need better lighting, a better camera, etc. The other quilt Debbie wants to custom quilt so I'll be eager to see that one when it is finished. I'm now working on a more complicated one that includes piecing with lots of half-square triangles and applique.