Friday, August 22, 2008

Rachael Wordbook and Lavender Fields Layout

I made another word book for my older daughter last night. I had to wait until my shipment of 12" x 24" cricut paper arrived. I wish someone made these size papers with prettier designs. This paper is so dull. Anyways, so here is the Rachael book. Feel free to download the cut folder and use it.

Cut file available here:

I also started working on my enormous summer vacation scrapbook and managed to get two whole pages done. I used the cricut and design studio to cut out the letters and Walk in My Garden to elongate some stems and flowers to make the lavender flowers. These pictures were taken in Sequim, WA which is known for their lavender fields. We stopped by one farm and got to pick a big bunch which have now dried. I've put them in little sachets for the girls to put in their drawers in their rooms.


Elisheva Bailey said...

Cute layout

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much for making my name book.
Your oldest daughter

Anonymous said...

Love the layout.

Susan said...

Wonderful book i bet she will be happy with it