Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Art From the Heart

Last evening the kid's school hosted "Art From the Heart" where all the students got to show off a selection of various art projects from the year. Sarah's selection included a clay mask and a seascape. Rachael's selections were a mask made from a mold of her face and a Picasso-style chalk. In addition, Rachael got to perform on her clarinet for 5 minutes and she included a selection of several songs. She was very nervous but she did really well. It was very noisy and there were little kids running back and forth in front of her, but Rachy held it together.

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Sue Hamkilton said...

Way to go Rachael and Sarah. I love that you girls love art. You are both lucky that your school thinks art is important--a lot of schools these days don't even have it as a class anymore! And congratulations to Rachael for your musical talent. It sounds like you have a wonderful ability to concentrate. Maybe you can talk to Grandma Sue about it some day. I would love to be able to concentrate better!! Love to all,