Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hi everyone: Well I've had a very difficult week but it has ended well. My mother went in for elective surgery to remove a "thingy" on her lung and it turned out to be cancerous. My sister Nili and I flew up on Friday night and after 8 hours of surgery (it was supposed to be only 2 hours), my mom was transfered to ICU. The surgeons also removed the top lobe of her right lung and several lymph nodes. We were waiting for several days to get the results of the biopsies and it was thankfully negative so the cancer had not spread. We spend hours at the hospital getting her to eat, bathing her and helping my father along; and finally I got to come home. My wonderful friend Sue dropped off these lovely flowers and during the week my orchid bloomed as well. Spring is considered the "renewal of life" and it has indeed proved to be so.

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Sue Hamilton said...

You are way too sweet Eli. I hope you are continuing to get enough rest, and lots of love from those darling daughters of yours and of course Mark. See you Wednesday. Sue