Monday, June 8, 2009

Bloomin Summer!

I finished two more quilts last week and got one of them quilted on Friday. It is called Bloom BQ and it is a kit at the store. It's funny how my photos never show how pretty the quilts are. I guess I need better lighting, a better camera, etc. The other quilt Debbie wants to custom quilt so I'll be eager to see that one when it is finished. I'm now working on a more complicated one that includes piecing with lots of half-square triangles and applique.


Sue Hamilton said...

I agree about the colors not showing up right. The current quilt at the shop is vibrant! You did a great job.

See you next week.


Rachael said...

I want it. Mom can you please give it to me when you bring it home.

Sue Hamilton said...

Oh Eli, I had such fun with the girls on Friday afternoon at the quilt shop. They are both adorable and very, very smart.
Hope you've managed to stay cool--my house is like a convection oven!