Monday, April 18, 2011

Strawberry Hill

I'm trying to finish all my Bunny Hill Designs quilts and this is another one that was tucked away in the back of the closet. It is from an old Fig Tree line called Folklorique and I really like the blue birds and sweet bunnies.

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Anonymous said...

hello....just wanted you to know a little about this pattern. I met Anne Sutton at the International Quilt Festival in Houston one year...about 2006 or so and had lost my bunny of 10 years and had a new one. After lot's of conversations, Anne designed this pattern for me. The top bunny represents my old bunny - Parker, and the new one on the bottom. My quilting business at the time was Strawberry House Quilting hence the house in the middle. I don't see it much, but when I do.....I just have to tell our story. I love the pattern, and have collected most of the fabrics or it. I am always busy with other folks quilts, so mine get done when they can......I hope by now you are at least working on this adorable quilt......I think it is just too cute....I really love it. Enjoy, and hope all is well since I don't see any 2014 living in South Carolina gloria g. Walls