Monday, November 17, 2008

Is there a cloud over my house?

Hi everyone: I'm updating my blog from my laptop because our main computer bit the dust 3 years to the day that we purchased it. I'm not to happy with HP these days. Anyways, between the dryer going out and the computer too, I'm lurking around corners to see what else is going to blow up. Anyways, I finished another quilt, but have to do the borders. My next quilt is a store sample which uses the Cotton Blossom line. Hopefully I'll get to that this evening. My days have been filled with family recently including my Uncle Fred from Toronto. He is my mother's brother and was visiting their sick cousin in Palm Desert. They swung by our house for an evening and here we are all (sans my father who is taking the picture). I think the dog even has a cameo.

We have a busy week with minimum days for the girls and Sarah's 7th birthday on Thursday. I have numerous doctor appts lined up as I have been neglecting my health recently and need to rectify that. We'll see what gets done!

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Anonymous said...

I looooooooved that visit.
Love, Rachael