Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Hanukkah Bush

Yesterday we went up to Crest Ranch Tree farm up on Empire Grade road to get our Christmas Tree/Hanukkah bush. After getting it situated, we let the kids loose on decorating the tree with blue and silver with the occasional colorful ornament thrown in. The kids did a great job this year and here it is in all its glory!


Rachael said...

I had fun decorating the tree/Hanukkah Bush

Sue Hamilton said...

Wow Eli I can't believe you had time to do that and watch the Niners. The tree/bush is beautiful. The girls did a fabulous job decorating it. And what do you think of your Niners?
Way to go--maybe they're on a roll.

Sarah said...

Mommy I Love You

Rachael (a.k.a daughter) said...

I helped