Monday, January 5, 2009

The DaVinci Exhibit at the Tech Museum

Well Happy New Year everyone! We celebrated the event with a New York evening which consisited of New York steaks for dinner, fantastic dessert and then we watched the ball drop in New York (9:00 PM), had party blowers, confetti and lots of running round!

Over the weekend we went to The Tech Museum to see the held-over DaVinci exhibit. It was really fantastic. What they had was his original manuscripts blown up with the drawings and then a full size replica made up. Also in some cases they had another smaller version which people could use to see how all the parts moved. Its amazing how all these items worked. The exhibit then led up to the giant horse that he made and they also brought in two of his paintings from the Uffuzi Museum in Florence. I highly recommend this exhibit. We then had popcorn and went to the Imax theater. The kids had never been to one. We saw Seamonsters. Maybe not the best choice for the first experience but nevertheless no nightmares!


Sue Hamilton said...

Sounds like you had a great family time. Happy New Year! Sue

Rachael said...

I had fun